C 41 Experience, Athleisure: discovering the artichoke through delicious dishes.

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There are those who could define cooking every single course with the same raw material monotonous and unimaginative, but the chef Marcello Potente was able to give different tastes, textures, aromas and sensations starting from the same product.

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The C 41 staff was warmly welcomed at the S. Rocco agricultural cooperative to carry out a vertical experience on the artichoke. From product intended for family consumption, it has become a symbol of the territory: the artichoke Mazzaferrata di Cupello, one of the delicacies of the surrounding vegetable gardens and communes.

Marcello Potente, originally from the Abruzzo region, returned to his native country only 9 years ago after a long period between travels and culinary discoveries. After living in some places in Italy like Lake Maggiore, he experimented with foreign kitchens like the German and Australian trying to bring His kitchen, his love for the raw material in other continents. During his travels, especially those abroad, he encountered some difficulties in being able to express himself in the kitchen, it’s very difficult to be able to bring to other lands the love that Italy has towards the taste and the raw material. So he decided to return to his land where it was natural to feel emotions and feelings towards a dish, a single ingredient.

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In the Cupello area Marcello Potente was the first chef to bring to the table a dish based on raw artichokes, seasoned only with lemon oil and parmesan flakes, this is the first dish that he proposed to the C 41 staff.
A dish with a charming simplicity that has allowed the C 41 crew to feel every single ingredient inside: the crunchy artichoke, the cheese and the sour note of the lemon. Every single course allows you to recognize the ingredients where the raw material, the artichoke, had a different taste each time. An infinite accuracy in the dishes but especially in the combination of each ingredient that was perfectly combined with the cooking and the type of preparation of the artichoke. Within each range there were not only ingredients but refinement, love and an infinite desire to transmit this passion even to those who taste these dishes that can be defined unique in their kind.

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An unprecedented experience that allowed the C 41 staff to discover what it means to truly love the art of cooking.