Analog photography

Ageing on the water: Laurent Laporte and the endless quest for the perfect wave


Laurent Laporte says about himself:

“I am Laurent Laporte, a french photographer based (as less as possible) in Paris. Having realized very early on that I was completely devoid of any photogenic qualities, I decided to get behind the lens to avoid, at all cost, being in front of it.

I travel everywhere and go to some places that I would have never discovered if I hadn’t got a camera. But more than that, photography allows me to travel alone without losing the feeling of sharing. Sharing is for me the most important thing about photography. That may be the reason why I don’t believe I have a particular style, I’m just trying to share something that obsessed myself precisely at the moment and it could be anything: portraits, abstracts, fashion or photo documentary. If you have a look at my work, even the commissioned ones, it’s very heterogeneous. I can’t stay focused on something, it’s not my thing but I really respect the ones who do the opposite.”


About ‘Docile Waves’:

Above all, I came at San Onofre looking for waves but I also found direction. I had never found myself in real surf culture, troubled by its success in front of a generation raised on marketing, who is far more interested in performance than by style.

Old Man’s’ is a surf spot populated by ages surfers whose wrinkles have been deepened by the UV and salt. From the water or from the shore, they remain proudly against the time that passed; the time that has softened their biceps, keeping them from paddling and getting out with their boards of ten feet.

Here, the surfing spirit is as the world imagines: relaxed, anti-conformist and cheerful, the exact opposite of what you would find on the European coasts. And so it reigns a pacifist atmosphere that even the barbells from the Marine training camp across the highway cannot extinguish.

The famous waves are waiting for you. Their tenderness controls with zeal the production of adrenaline.