Fear of God: an intimate insight into founder Jerry Lorenzo’s childhood by Lane Stewart

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For the preorder of the fifth collection of Fear od God, founder Jerry Lorenzo and director Lane Stewart teamed up once again to create a concept video for the new collection, featuring talents such as Sasha Lane and Geron McKinley.

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The idea behind the video is the desire to go back to basics. Jerry and Lane worked on Jerry’s childhood: his identity, his inspirations, his roots.

“Growing up I didn’t know about designer fashion. I was just a high-school athlete looking for the next pair of Air Jordans and trying to figure out how I could look cool. We didn’t have all this information about fashion on the Internet. You just had to do the best with what you had in your closet.”

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Shot in Jerry’s grandparents’ house in Sacramento, Lane was able to picture not only an intimate insight into Jerry’s childhood but also a detailed view of the new collection.

The baseball references that comes from his father’s early career, the graphics and patches, caps, as well as satin jackets. Everything is genuinely brought from his past.

“This collection in every sense is probably the best representation of what I’m attempting to propose to fashion. I believe in this.”

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