Karim Huu Do is gonna break your daddy’s heart with this film

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I’m a filmmaker born from a Moroccan mother and a Vietnamese father. I spent most of my childhood in Switzerland, on the shores of the Leman lake.
I remember, my father used to have a big collection of VHS movies. I started watching them and I felt instantly in love with films. His collection was quite eclectic which I think defined my taste too; because watching “L’Avventura” from Antonioni was as good as watching “Predator” with Schwarzenegger.

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How did you get in touch with this project? And how did you develop it?

I received this project through Caviar UK, from the agency Adam & Eve.
The deck I received had a lot of potentials already (karaoke, models, Japan, etc) so it was pretty easy for me to go from this base and to get inspired to write the treatment and the script you later saw on screen.

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Nightlife, karaoke, gangsters, great models, all set in Tokyo. Tell us more about the vision you had for this story. And why did you choose to use a George Michael’s song?

I’m always attracted by challenges. I would be bored if I was staying in a comfort zone. This project was an opportunity to show the audience another side of my work and also to challenge myself with a new environment.
I wanted to make something visually stunning but also super fun. Something that gives you a smile.

Actually, the agency had already the idea to use “Wham Rap!” from George Michael. The project was a really good way to pay homage to the legendary artist.

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What’s your idea of fashion? What side of it did you want to represent with this film and why?

My idea of fashion is that it should never be locked in a box. Fashion is not one way or another, it’s diverse and versatile.
In this film, I wanted to show the glamorous and fresh side of it, the “don’t take it too seriously” one. And again “fun” was the keyword throughout the process.

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Where do you imagine yourselves in five years?

Hopefully still making good stuff or maybe at the beach with a drink.

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