We have just arrived in Palermo and in these days we will tell you about Manifesta

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Our Editorial & Creative Director, Luca Caizzi, and the Managing Director, Leone Balduzzi, have traveled the Italian peninsula to go to the enchanting city of Palermo. Wonderful city where the wind brings with it the scent of the sea and whose buildings tell the past history.

As usual we have decided to talk about a very important and relevant event in the world of art and culture: Manifesta. With our style, our point of view we will tell you this unforgettable experience.

Manifesta, the European nomadic Biennial, was born in the early 1990s in response to the political, economic and cultural change that took place at the end of the Cold War and with the consequent initiatives aimed at facilitating social integration in Europe. Manifesta was founded in Amsterdam by the Dutch art historian Hedwig Fijen, who still directs it today. Each new edition is launched and financed individually, and is managed by a permanent team of international specialists. The Manifesta 12 team works from its offices in Amsterdam and Palermo, and an office soon to open in Marseille.

The City of Palermo has been selected by the Manifesta committee for its relevance on two main themes that identify contemporary Europe: migration and climatic conditions, and on the impact these issues have on our cities. 

Stay tuned, so you too can participate to Manifesta through the gaze of C41!

Pubblicato da Manifesta Biennial su martedì 12 giugno 2018

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13 June 2018
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