Julien Mauve ventures into the shadowy darkness of the city

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Julien Mauve says about himself:

“I am a visual artist based in Paris, creating cinematographic and narrative photography series dealing with human interactions and conditions. Silence, vacuity, darkness and solitude put in perspective with the rise of new technologies are recurring themes in my different projects.

My work has been rewarded by several prices including the SFR Jeunes Talents (France) in 2013 and the Sony World Photography Award (UK) in 2016. I have published two books together with Poursuite Edition : L’Indifférence Des Étoiles (2016) and Titanic Orchestra (2017). I’m represented by Galerie Intervalle in France and INTHEGALLERY in Denmark.”

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About ‘Night no longer exists‘:

City lights cover up the stars, and cell phone screens lighten even the darkest of alleyways. And soon, imagine a world in which our lights render even the sun gratuitous. In the darkness of space, light is a beacon of hope. What if darkness in our world once again overtook the night and as an affect, transforming even the most insignificant light into an exception – a mystical phenomenon ?

In a world in black and blue, the single incandescence of a bulb could be the greatest promise of an adventure about to start.

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26 February 2018
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