Juan Ibánez



A graduate in fine art, specializing in design, and in applied art, Juan Ibáñez is a multidisciplinary artist with varied professional experience. He has worked as a graphic designer, art director and illustrator for communication and advertising agencies, he has combined with her artistic career, and his artwork has been exhibited in national and international galleries of art. Currently, he’s based in Sevilla, and works the gif format.

The gif has been a revelation because it implies condense a large series of information into one visual format, in a few seconds, and on a continuous loop. Juan ibáñez works in a particular way, creates impossible scenes, with collected people from different epochs and contexts, to act in the most current scenarios without prejudice. Francis Bacon, El Greco, Veláquez or Dalí are invited, reinterprets them and couches them in a new context, with a certain irony.

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