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Hula hoops master: Jo Duck and the Guinnes World record holder Marawa

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Jo Duck is an international fashion and advertising photographer. She is inspired by film and is drawn to the unusual. A strong sense of wit pervades her work.

She aims to envelop herself in the story of each shoot, fleshing out ideas and concepts, and often designing playlists to accompany the creation of her visuals.

Jo’s work has appeared in publications such as Oyster, i-D, Wonderland and Vice. She has shot for a range of premium fashion and arts clients, including Mimco, Jack London, Nike, Wrangler, The Australian Ballet and the Melbourne Theatre Company.

She is always keen for creative collaborations, having partnered regularly with UK culinary charlatans Bompas & Parr.

Jo currently lives in Melbourne, Australia.

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About ‘Marawa’:

Marawa is a nine time Guiness World record holder, champion of hula hoops, rollerskates, skipping and life.

Marawa and I have been collaborating together since meeting in 2004. We bond over phenomenal colour combinations, 50s/60s heartbreaking r&b, murder mysteries and pancakes.

This series has been shot all over the world. Sydney, Melbourne, London, Blackpool, Bath + New York.

I’m about to visit her in LA so no doubt the collaboration will continue.

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