Inside Issue 6: Alessandro Casagrande drags us into a house that speaks with memories

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Since we are kids, first our parents and then our teachers at school teach us to train our memory. We are educated to recognize faces, sounds, scents and flavours and then to memorize poems, mathematical formulas and historical events. We can say that memory, the mnemonic process, is the first mechanism that is induced in us since birth.

Photography narrates the life that surrounds us, just as it is able to tell about ourselves. Even if it was not your home, the realization of this project has brought back some memories of your past?

For me memories are the center of expression. We are what we came from and we are able to do what we do thanks to our past. As an artist I always used my memories, experiences and everything I lived to achieve my ideas of expression. The photography is the perfect representation of this. We capture a moment that is already a memory, something that we don’t want to miss it or forget it, an emotion. For this reason I felt this project close. I like to go through old family photos or just walk the same roads of the old times, see the changes and remember those moments.

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Within this photographic project, you have shot numerous characteristic objects. What were the method and the reason why you chose these objects?

Meeting with Robin was very interesting. He was constantly narrating every object’s story.
Was magical to hear all those little details, the hidden life behind an old photograph or what that item meant. The photography for that reason was very intuitive with not much space left to think but just and emotional moment to follow. I can say that the objects chose to be shot and not vice versa.

Can we consider this project a journey back in memory?

I think is very appropriate to say. His grandparents house is filled with memories. The place could speak without a voice.

If you had to do the same project but in your grandmother’s house, would you take photographs in the same way?

I think will definitely have the same approach but with different feelings.

What’s your favorite drink?

Old Fashioned

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14 April 2018
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