Inside Issue 5: Federico Nejrotti tells the wonderful story of Elon Musk


Elon Musk is an entrepreneur — he founded PayPal, the most popular online payment network; Tesla, a car manufacturer on the frontline of the zero-impact-transport worldwide trend; SolarCity, a subsidiary of Tesla whose mission is to become the first supplier of solar energy for the world population; and he presides over OpenAI, a research company specialized in artificial intelligence, the most disruptive and profitable technology of the century.

Elon At Queens

September, 2017 After Death, a man came from the abyss of the land and flung us into the sky and for the first time in history we were humans. A challenge at least deserving considering how hard are we trying to do everything in order to make us inhumans. It is no coincidence that this feat has been accomplished during our times: never before have we had such a controversial approach to our expression on this planet.

Worldwide fear of terror is cracking the fabric of our society, monstrous virtual platforms are dissolving the foundations of our national borders and the vices of our economic infrastructures are simultaneously sweeping unthinkable lengths dividing the rich and poor while superimposing an unsettling network of services making us able to cross different continents like never before.

Elon Musk Zip2

Although Musk managed to make a dent in our history by developing the first reusable rocket for space trips and by making electric cars an exclusive luxury, people from all around the world are actively participating in his narrative, deconstructing a myth that saw space as a far, forgettable future and are slowly transforming their approach to our reality by destroying political and geographical walls and creating an ethereal community of citizens that will be an active and fundamental part of his polite agenda aiming at making us “humans”.

Probably Musk won’t be the first person in history capable of taking people from Earth to Mars, but he will definitely be (and is) a pioneer for a new era in human history: one focused on the place that hosts us and the ones around it instead of “just us” and one where a new, seduced generation is a political and social force tirelessly busy to repel ownership and reclaim participation for Mothership Earth. The only place in the known universe stupid enough to make space for a species which only dreams is to travel into deep space aboard a, literally, Big Fucking Rocket.

Words by: Federico Nejrotti