Ian Howorth drags us to the forgotten places of Britain

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Ian Howorth says about himself:

“I’m a photographer based in Brighton, England. My work covers a wide range of subjects – from cinematic to documentary and street. For me, photography is about exploration, both technically and aesthetically.”

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About ‘’Three Lions’:

I began photographing for this series about 2 years ago – it started as something very organic – int that i didn’t question what or why i was photographing, it was very instinctual and a very natural gravitation towards something that interested me. However, i slowly begun to notice that the photographs said something about me as well as standing as a document of a place. It became very much a view of a forgotten Britain that i was very keen to revisit. Not being English by birth, Britain is somewhat of an adoptive land to me – i feel i know it, but i’m only just getting to feel it. The places i visit resonate with me at a personal level – the color schemes, the dated decor, the unusual smells – it all acts as a reminder of times i visited England as a boy and it feeling alien to me – as different as anything could be to my home in Peru.

Documenting places left behind by modernization takes me a way from the mundane everyday and forces me to interact with a world i only fleetingly got to see and understand. These places help me understand the world around me, the tastes we have, the choices we make and the things we want to keep and the things we don’t. Each place has its own history and although i do like to delve into this, i prefer to go somewhere knowing very little – to see if i can learn something just by looking and simply being there.

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