Harry Griffin and his photographs are a glimpse into the future

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Harry Griffin is a Brooklyn-based photographer

About ‘Gold Coast’:

Harry Griffin admired so much the lifestyle in which his two grandparents lived that he decided to make a project about them. Taking their rather savage personalities and the combined history that both encompass, Harry’s project is a positive look at the future for all of us.

The ongoing project of Harry Griffin “Gold Coast” is a work that focuses on his two grandparents in their “golden years”. As Harry Griffin says, both of these men have lived extraordinary lives; cowboy in a swamp. One, Bill, lived a proto-punk life in Grindhouse’s film and moved away from Hollywood. The other, Howard, grew up on a landlocked houseboat.

‘Gold Coast’ is a remix of their stories and personalities through his interpretation.

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64 Inversion

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64 Carl

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5 November 2018
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