Giacomo Infantino tells us about oneiric journeys between reality and fantasy

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Giacomo Infantino is a photographer born in the province of Varese in 1993. He is graduating at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in New Technologies of Art (Art and Media). During his academic studies he began his personal research and his activity as a photographer. His work consists primarily in photographic reportage; he uses staged-scenes to tell, in a more intimate and free way, his personal vision.

Giacomo in spring 2017 exhibits his works, curated by himself and Cosmo Laera, in some spaces of Brera Academy during the Salone del Mobile and Accademia Aperta; he also exhibits at the ex-studio of Piero Manzoni located in the district of Brera. In September of the same year he is selected with 10 other photography students from all over Italy to join Canon at the Visa Pour L’image in Perpignan, France. Here he has the opportunity to deal with internationally renowned authors who work for important agencies such as Magnum and National Geographic, photographers such as: Jerome Sessini, Shannon Ghannam and Nick Nichols.

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About ‘(Un)real ‘:

The project is the intertwining of dreamlike journeys and visions in balance between reality and fantasy.The landscape, theatre of stories, becomes cinematographic and a platform for visual and luminous experimentation. We are in the territories of the province of Varese, open environments that are the background to new forms of living that are not static and all to be explored.

The element of light produces atmospheres and feelings of restlessness and disorientation, also a mirror of a contemporary feeling. Silhouettes of unde ned, liquid characters overlap with objects- ndings to metaphorically describe an emotional and contemplative state beyond imagination.

This project will be present and can be consulted at the group exhibition “999 Doman- de / Una collezione di domande sull’Abitare contemporaneo” at the Milan Triennale from 12 January to 2 April.

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