The curse of who wants more: Giacomo Rebecchi and the pearl earring

The firs idea was to create a kind of evolution of the painting ‘Ragazza con l’orecchino di perla‘ (the lady with the pearl earring), but with a contemporary approach and more extreme. This is why we picked up the square format instead of the more common rectangular, and a total black outfit instead of a neutral one.

The evolution covers three phases: first, a small pearl held in the mouth slowly grows, as it happens in the oysters, then the growth gets abnormal, growing not only in the dimension but also in the amount. The earring becomes a bracelet, and later a necklace, changing the appearance of the one who is “wearing” it, until the point she is practically vomiting it.

This is a metaphor of richness, abundance, excesses that slowly grow inside the people changing and at the end warping them. The pearl, once symbol of grace and purity, it is now mirroring that shocking and sometimes incoherent side of the man who always wants some more, and the more he owns the more he rejects what he has. A never ending quest of utopic happiness through ways as wrong as attractive.


Photographer: Giacomo Rebecchi

Styling: Micol Giovannini