Do you have memories of you growing up? Malcolm by Danielle Madeley

Danielle Madeley Malcolm 06

Danielle Madeley is a recent graduate from Falmouth University, U.K. whose work predominantly explores the notions of a community. She aims to initiate a discussion of the society’s place within art and art’s place within society by engaging in her local community to produce work that is celebratory of the area of Staffordshire, U.K.

Danielle Madeley Malcolm 01

About ‘Malcolm’:

Malcolm is a series of photographs documenting the divine experience of growing up in North Staffordshire. Malcolm himself was as sublime as evening light and that in mind; this project came to into conception. This body of work is the searching of things as magnificent as my memory of him within the place that is home.

Danielle Madeley Malcolm 08

Danielle Madeley Malcolm 07

Danielle Madeley Malcolm 05

Danielle Madeley Malcolm 02

Danielle Madeley Malcolm 04

Danielle Madeley Malcolm 03

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8 July 2017
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