Daniele Orlandi Reveals his Renai[chance]

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“I’m on a trip around North Europe. It’s June 2008. I find myself waiting in a hostel basement in Amsterdam. I step back for a second. I want to create clothes.” Fashion designer Daniele Orlandi is presenting Renai[chance], his first collection entirely produced with linen and made in Italy.

In his formation journey, there’s a bit of Florence, Berlin, and Como, the place where his current studio is based. Daniele had to learn fast. His sister was going to get married and she needed a dress. This was the turning point in his career: she asked him to make it. His first approach as a tailor was started.

His collection SS 2016 has been created out of the inspiration from the people he met along the way. And photographer Davide Savaidis still is one of them. To understand where their two lives are going, we interviewed both.

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What does ‘Renai[chance]’ mean for you?

Daniele. Reading the book ‘Momenting the Memento’ written by Danilo Venturi, I was particularly impressed by the word ‘Renai[chance]’. You read it like Renaissance but it includes ‘chance’, opportunity. It has a double meaning for me: on the one hand the new values, perspectives in fashion and, on the other hand, it’s my rebirth in this adventure.

Davide. It’s about the association of ‘rebirth’ and ‘chance’. It’s a status where anyone could have potential creativity in his/her hands. To create. It doesn’t touch only the arts, but any creative action (or intention). I’m talking about a designer and his/her dress, a photographer with a photo, a writer with a novel and so on and so forth. And, also, a sincere smile to your neighbour, a fight, and looking for the good in anyone’s life.


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How is researching important in your creative process?

Daniele. Research has an important role in my work and it’s a pleasure. People, their gazes, the smiles, their lives styles are my source of inspiration to create something that corresponds to this way of life, that satisfies real needs and desires. Make sure that my garments might be an integral part of this lifestyle.

Davide. My approach to photography (and video) starts with skateboarding when I was a 14-year-old kid. Skateboarding isn’t only a sport. It’s lifestyle and pure art. Everything I’m doing comes from that thing. Easy 🙂




How do you see yourself in ten years?

Daniele. At this early stage, I’m wondering where I will be in a month. In ten years, I see myself in full activity with everything more structured and where I can be the creative spirit devoting to research and development. All my training has been directed to the woman, and I’d put myself in the menswear challenge. They always say that menswear is more codified but in my mind it is the world to explore, and to be answered in many different ways; offering that variety, those facets of the world of women in the male world.

Davide. I’d like to go away from that photography that looks for the beauty – the aesthetic doesn’t matter how – and create simpler and more ‘humane’ photographs.

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