COOLEST – Week #77


Ten Instagramers good AF. Just the coolest

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❤️ | anzeige

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right outside @breakfastclubtokyo

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❤️💀 Series: underwater in Orlando. Horizontal edition. Birdee is an amazingly talented photographer and super kind human who allowed me to collaborate with her on the underwater portraiture she was already doing so beautifully. Please go check her wonderful work out. These were made on a very inexpensive canon wp-1 waterproof camera using @kodak and @cinestillfilm films. It was an important reminder to me that what is important is who you are and what you care about and how you interact with people, not your gear. This camera cost $15. This was also a funny shoot because it was so much effort and flailing about to get shots that look so still. I’m a very weak swimmer and had to use a weight belt and a nose plug and goggles. It was quite the effort just to get one of two frames made, usually without any idea of if they had been anything useable. As always everything was developed and scanned by @indiefilmlab.

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5 January 2019
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The aim of a shop is to collect cool stuff.
Ours is to gather the coolest.