C41 is media partner of IF Italians Festival and today we attended the press conference, everything is ready!

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Once the human being was a creator, inventor and producer of objects, as well as a developer of ideas. Once man was at the center and everything else was the result of his intellect. For many years, instead, we have been talking about the advent of technology, how this extraordinarily interesting tool has been able to evolve our lives and the whole world. All we do is talk about how technology has improved the standard of living, the quality of work and development, of how without it some discoveries would not have been made. The television would not have the colors, or rather it would not exist, there would still be handwritten letters to communicate and the man would never have been on the moon.

They are all amazing things that years ago our grandparents would never have believed possible. But stop and think for a moment who is it that built this? Who designed the first airplane or the first computer? Who is it, or rather who are the productive minds of all this? Surely not the machines or the robots, but the men who, together with progress and development, have created and continue to create incredible things. The human being will always be at the center, the world can never do anything without his mind and his ingenuity, it will always be man who generates inventions, to guide them and develop them. This is the theme of IF Italians Festival2018, a celebration of human intelligence and its irreplaceable, and C41 participated in the press conference.

Milan, October 25th 2018 – Two weeks after its beginning IF! Italians Festival – the international event dedicated to creativity organized and promoted by ADCI – Art Directors Club Italiano and ASSOCOM in partnership with Google – raises the curtain on the edition to be held from 8 to 10 November at BASE Milano, presenting the guidelines and the rich program. Together with the Organizing Committee of IF and Paola Marazzini, Agency and Strategic Clients Director of Google in Italy, also the Councilor for Labor, Production, Commerce, Fashion and Design of the Municipality of Milan Cristina Tajani, to present the agenda full of initiatives and events that promise to consecrate the city of Milan as the capital of creativity.

This year’s edition confirms to be very rich and multi-faceted thanks to the contributions of personalities from different worlds but all united by human thought, which throughout the event will undertake to decline and deepen the theme of Human Intelligence – focus of the Festival this year – that is the extraordinary and infinite resource that makes the human being so incredible. If neuroscience agrees in affirming that there are many types of intelligence, the organizing committee of IF! Italians Festival has worked to identify guests able to reflect their various facets and make Milan a theater to reason with and on them.

BASE Milano
Via Bergognone, 34, 20144 Milano MI

8-9-10 November 2018

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25 October 2018
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