C41 for Flos tells the story of a young and special director: Van Khokhlov


C41, thanks to its strong ability to tell true stories, has once again found a subject with a strong and unique personality, thus being able to tell the story of a particular young man: Van Khokhlov.


Born from a Russian father and an Italian mother since childhood, he was immediately projected into the world of art and creativity. Both parents work in creative fields (the first as an interior designer and home builder, and the latter as a flower designer and retailer) and this has created in Van a lively need to be able to express itself through creativity.

His greatest passion is definitely the film, one of those areas of the art world, where there’s a need to show to the others our thoughts and our own way of seeing the world.


Every moment of Van Khokhlov’s life has contributed to the formation of his artistic personality. Before becoming a director, Van had a passion for skateboarding, he loved challenging the laws of gravity, doing the same thing with the so-called rules of cinema.

The various paths that he found to follow joined thus defining his innovative and particular approach to the direction of his projects. The love for music, like the love for skateboarding, has influenced his work and has allowed him to take great care of sounds. The ostentatious and crazy street life, the always surround himself of new and interesting people, have taught to him to lead a film crew, they allowed him to observe from different points of view in order to always create magnificent products.



It is a unique and inimitable young man, able to create amazing things.



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15 January 2018
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