C 41 Experience, Athleisure: Lu Barrott’ di Nicola is a place full of dreams, tradition and innovation

Pt 6

The last stage of the fabulous C 41 experience ends at Lu Barrott’ di Nicola, an institutional location in the Pollutri area.

In an environment dominated by white and red colors and an inimitable welcome, which almost makes you feel at home, Lello, owner of the restaurant, has delighted the C 41 crew with a lunch that you can hardly forget.

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The arrosticini (sheep skewers) will always remain much more than simple skewers of sheep meat, cut into small cubes and manually threaded one by one. In addition to the right balance between fat and lean, cooking is also essential. And Lello of Lu ‘Barrot by Nicola – Arrosticini and Piccola Cucina knows something about it. He moved in ’86 with all the family from Milan to Pollutri after several years of living in this small town feels the lure of the big city and returns alone to Milan.

After years of work in advertising production and following the death of his father decides to return to Abruzzo and take over the family restaurant. Lu Barrott’ di Nicola, a place full of dreams and personalities. An intimate restaurant that tells the traditions of Abruzzo, enhancing the love sheep in a kitsch key. A style that gives it a strong personality, unconventional and a bit ‘hipster’. One of those places where you just need to get in, to know the story already.

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