C 41 Experience, Athleisure: looking for jewelry in the enchanted woods

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The enhancement of the territory is extremely important and as the famous landscape designer Franco Arminio says with a very poetic vision, in ten years people will flee from the cities to repopulate the mountain villages and this is also the greatest hope and the best wish of Mrs. Victoria.

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The truffle is considered a real “environmental sentinel”: it doesn’t tolerate pollution and anything else that is harmful to nature in fact in the small town of Borrello, in the province of Chieti, between hills and woods far from the chaotic city is located a small family business named Rio Verde Tartufi.

The staff of C 41 was kindly and warmly welcomed by Vittoria Mosca, who together with her mother, founder of the company, and her husband manages this extraordinary cooperative. Although it is difficult to live a life in these small villages, Vittoria feels very close to its territory by defining its niche company aimed at supplying starred chefs and restaurants really passionate about truffles. The fundamental element for Vittoria is the human contact with people, showing the nature that surrounds them, showing love and dedication for such a fine and refined product. If there is no contact, the emotions change and the stories to be told go away.

In the thick woods of Borrello the C 41 crew was led by Giuseppe and his highly trained dogs in search of truffles. An exciting experience in seeing mutual trust between dog and owner, in living one’s life in nature literally extracting from the ground an extremely valuable product. Seeing how the nature that surrounds us can produce and give us these delicacies is as exciting as seeing the collaboration between man and dog.

Surrounded by nature, by the noise of trees and leaves moved by the wind, we stop to think of how amazing nature is and what can give us, whether it is a white or black truffle, it is always a small jewel.

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