Benedetta Ristori portrays the countries of the East in a nostalgic way


Benedetta Ristori is a freelance photographer currently based in Rome,Italy. Her work is focus on the tension that exists between a form – such as a human head or a square – and the space which it both occupies and is contained by. Crucial concepts of her stylistic research: decadence, abandonment, emptiness and new approach to classic beauty.

On this occasion, for the production of 300 copies of the book East, she has opened a crowdfunding with the aim of raising the funds necessary for the success of this project.


About ‘EAST‘:

East is an ‘on the road’ journey through the countries of the Balkan Peninsula. The project aims to explore the relationship between the past and present of these nations and show how the past may influence or interact with the world today. A particular focus is given to the countries which until 2006 were part of Yugoslavia and what remains of his socialist period is freezed.

In the project some ‘Spomenik’ appears as wellThe “Spomenik” memorials are reminders of bloody battles and thousands of deaths in the concentration camps. They were part of the celebratory program of the Yugoslav government, in an attempt to show the strength of the Socialist Republic through a strong visual impact.





It shows how ideology has interpreted the idea of commemorating the fallen, in a totally opposite way to the memorials we are used to; the Spomenik are totems that through their abstract figurative language, recalling organic shapes like petals, crystals or flowers totally immersed in the nature .They are a great testimony of a macabre chapter of world history that is not always remembered with due importance; at the same time they are unique sculptures and architectural works of their kind.




Architecture, landscapes and portraits are captured in different seasons, from summer to winter, to show all the facets of this lands and deepen their knowledge and their aesthetics. The nostalgic key that acts as a conductor thread of the story is also maintained through the exclusive use of analog cameras. The nations that you see portrayed until today are Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina,Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Romania, Moldova and Transnistria.







The crowdfunding on Indiegogo is entirely dedicated to the production of East – the photographic book. The goal is to reach the funds necessary  to produce an edition of 300 copies. Specifically, the donations are for: proof-printing, printing on high quality paper, hardcover, wire binding, professional text editing, font licensing and graphics works. 

The campaign will last 50 days (until March 28th).  At the end of the campaign the printing process will begin and will last around 15/20 days.

> This is the link to click if you want to help in the realization of this project by giving your support to Benedetta :

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