Bad fonts are like pineapple on pizza: it feels just wrong.

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A few days ago, at the season premiere of Saturday Night Live, actor Ryan Gosling who hosted the show, opened his monologue with a comic sketch that moked James Cameron’s for using font Papyrus creating the graphics for “Avatar”.

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In what it seems to be a short film, Ryan Gosling plays an outraged man who can’t deal with the fact that a font like Papyrus which can be found on any computer in the world, was used to create the logo title for the movie “Avatar”, one of the most expensive movies ever made.
He is obsessed with this fact. He can’t sleep. He can’t eat. He even goes to a psychologist, but in the end, nothing makes sense and everything brings him to a meltdown.

“He just got away with it. This man, this…professional graphic designer. Is it laziness, was it cruelty?”

Papyrus is one of the most laughed fonts, secondary only to Comic Sans that we can happily find at the end of the film, stealing the scene as a logo title.

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After the show, CBS even reached out for the creator of Papyrus, Chris Costello, for a statement.

The CBS interviewer asks Chris why his design is considered one of the most hated fonts, and he says at the time he believed it was well thought out. “I was thinking very earthy, Middle Eastern, almost hieroglyphics,” he explains. “I sold the rights and it ended up being with the font set on every computer in the world. With that broad range I began to see it everywhere, mortgage ads, construction logos, it got out of control.”

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