Aren’t we all CoverJunkies: Vice feat Laurence Philomene


Laurence is an emerging non-binary photographer, director and curator living in Montreal/Toronto. Working around themes of colour theory, queerness and gender identity. Previously mentored by Ivan Shaw (excutive photo director at Vogue) and Ramaa Mosley (Splendid & Co).

I shot the cover of the new @vice photo issue which comes out today!! The theme of the issue is “perception and privacy”, exploring “the line between our digital and real lives, especially when one becomes more real than the other, what does that mean?” — I shot this new image as part of my ongoing series “me vs others”, in which I create self portraits with other people dressed up as me. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be queer and to be single at the same time, and how those two identities can co-exist, so that was the inspiration behind the photo. It’s about learning to love myself but also a certain yearning for romantic love and intimacy that remains. Thank you to Mick & Elliott for helping me make this image come to life 🧡💙🧡 the vice photo issue has always been a dream of mine and I’ve looked up to @elizabethrenstrom for a long time so to get to work with her on this project really feels like a full circle life kinda moment. Feels extra special to have my first big cover be of my personal artwork also, it’s honestly a huge honour. You can grab a copy wherever vice is distributed, it’s free and I also shot the back cover + a longer portfolio inside!!!

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7 August 2018
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