Andrea Passon

Digital photography


What’s portrait for Andrea Passon? He argues that it’s a tool for studying the human soul and the meaning of life. Portraits of this Italian photographer are mysterious, sad and attract us to the naturalness, geometries, colors and strong contrasts. His portraits doesn’t express any personality of the subject but it seems that the author is telling us something with these photographs, reminding us of the transience of our lives and the incomprehensible sense of it.

L. Hi Andrea, how your has your photography changed over the last year?

A. I feel more free to take pictures. I left behind a lot of rules that I carried from painting and graphics. The choice of themes and subjects became clearer for me. I removed the superfluous, I suppose. I have many new ideas and projects to be implemented.


L. You keep on producing way more works. What’s next?

A. I hope to still be here to tell new projects, hoping not to bore you. I’d like to make a more decisive step into the world of fashion, without altering my style. I plan to make two personal exhibitions in Udine and Treviso.














From June 10th, 2015

“I use photography to represent mysterious worlds, between reality and dreams.”

Andrea Passon’s photos stare back at you with a knowing that asks for more. The women, the backgrounds, the stares, all say I have lived, wildly, willingly and knowingly. His work has a unique touch, these colours and textures make his compositions deeper, giving us this feeling of intrigue.

My name is Andrea Passon, i’m an artist from Italy. I use photography to represent mysterious worlds, between reality and dream. I live in Treviso, near Venice. I am a creative director in an advertising agency.
 One of my passions is photography, but I also like painting and cinema.
I loved drawing painting and photography since i was a child. I studied graphic design and photography at high school. Later I graduated in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice.

What inspires me?
…cinema, literature and music. I love Kafka. I think that our life is incomprehensible, I’d like to be able to represent this concept.

My influences are:
Photography: Cartier Bresson, William Klein, and Helmut Newton.
Painting: Renè Magritte, Francis Bacon, and Anslem Kiefer.
Cinema: Kubrick, Sergio Leone, and Bergman.
Literature: Kafka, Poe, and Umberto Eco.

Blow Up


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Lady Macbeth

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The Hidden Truth

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Waiting for Godot