Alethia Pinzón

C-404Digital photography

“Alethia, is a photographer born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia in 1991.

She has been interested in photography since a very young age and always liked the idea of being able to freeze memories through a camera.

“I am a person very attached to memories and being able to having them collected it’s something magical for me. My parents taught me to use analog cameras when I was 9 and I enjoyed taking pictures of everything I had in front of me. I kept taking analog pictures, and when I turned 15 I got my first digital camera, I carried it around with me everywhere I go. When I turned 18 I did a photography course and I learned a lot about analog and digital photography, since I wanted to learn more I entered the University to study photography for 3 years, there, my love for photography grew with all the things I was learning and all the talented people I was meeting”.

Her interests are mostly fashion, visual diaries, glitch and concerts. Music, movies and people are the things that inspire her the most.

“I like to always recreate myself and all I do, finding new boundaries and push myself to new limits so I can create different things, experimenting with all kind of digital devices and see what can I discover it’s a vital part of my work” between photography and gifs, Alethia always finds inspiration in her daily routine, never stoping her creativity and always finding new ways to recreate her personal style. *