Who we are

C 41 Magazine is a Milan-based magazine of contemporary visual art from all over the world. We’re interested in lifestyle, fashion, design, outdoors, and creative communities. Through our viewers’ lenses, we tell the stories.

C-41 is a chromogenic colour print film developing process. Also well-known as CN-16 by Fuji, CNK-4 by Konica, and AP-70 by AGFA, it’s the most popular film process in use, with the most photofinishing labs devoting at least one machine to this development process.


Luca Attilio Caizzi (partner)
Editorial & Creative Director

Leone Balduzzi (partner)
Managing Editor

Barbara Guieu
Executive Producer

Alessandro De Agostini
Executive Manager

Emanuele Foletti
UX Manager

Walter Junior Cassetta
Strategic Planner

Francesca Pavoni
Video Editor (Paper & Online)

Alice De Santis
Staff Writer

Chiara Caprio
Editor at Large (Paper)

Federico Cavalieri
Junior Art Director

Carlo Banfi
Art Director

Alessandro Bucci
Curated By Editor (Paper)




Clara Giaminardi
UK Editor & Photographer

Cosimo Nesca
IT Editor & Gif Artist

Maurizio Annese
IT Editor & Photographer

Matteo Todisco
Editor-in-Chief (Paper)