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C41 Magazine sponsored post

We don’t particularly like tricks and confusing our readers or trying to pretend this article is something else. We’re not going to film a new video with a naked girl or make a photographic editorial end with a call to action. This is a pure, clear and honest sponsored post – a corporate one – from a magazine – us – to sell you a printed publication you’ll start to need.

These are our six reasons why you should get C41 Magazine issue 2, and add a masterpiece to your refined collection on the bookshelf:

1. You can’t name another Italian magazine of photography with such a worldwide audience. There’s none, actually, that’s why it gets quite complicated to find a local competitor. The few ones which are doing contemporary photography don’t have an international target audience nor have a staff with an international background. Did you know that you could get the magazine in four continents?

2. In the first year of paper experience, we’ve successfully grown. At first, some of our friends and family members thought we were mad to add our offer with a paper publication. They were wrong. We love paper so bad and we’re so glad to have jumped on that bridge last December 2015. In this period, we’ve been called by the best Italian photography fair to be their media partner and exhibit at 2016 edition. Our magazine is coherent with our online platform and we stayed true to our values. For our second edition, we launched Rome, Milan and Florence opening events, with Berlin scheduled for the next winter.

3. You’re going to read a light magazine to fulfill your inspiration, with a lot of photographs. We’re a magazine of photography, and photographs are the most important parts of our publication. Saying so, they take a lot of space, because we care about it. For a few months, they’ve said that we’re a collection of photographs. I think we’re a unique collection of photographs from artists from all around the world. And yeah, sometimes it happens to write too.

4. Our magazine connects with the current historic situation. Every six months we choose a theme based on what’s happening in that particular moment. We use it as an excuse to talk about photography. For issue 2 we realised that, for the second time in the history, we witness two popes alive at the same time. We started from there.

5. We bet on new talents. C41 Magazine is made by both amateur and professional photographers. That’s what you’ll see through the pages. We have big names close to nobody. We’re pretty positive some of them will be the next photographers.

6. It’s handy in its format. You can take our magazine anywhere, and it will always look nice. Think of C41 as the piece to have. It’s the tiny publication always positioned in front of the big ones on all the bookshops’ shelves. They’re going to notice you carrying it around.

How many copies do you think you need? 

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13 July 2016
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